• Message from the Chamber President
    To say we are living in unprecedented times is an understatement. COVID-19 has created challenges in our families, workplaces, and community at large. Amid the chaos, the speculation, and the uncertainty, it is important for us to maintain perspective, and to take heed in the strength of our people and community.
    Prudently, the Gates Chili Chamber has postponed all meetings for the immediate future. Hopefully this will be a temporary situation. We are all concerned for the well being of our loved ones, patrons, employees, and supporters.
    The challenges will continue, and we will have many more obstacles to overcome. We’d like to offer any support we can at this time. . If there is anything the Chamber can do to assist please let me know.
    We all need to remember one thing and that is that this is temporary. Yes, you heard it here first, the corona epidemic will end and when it does -- the strong will emerge stronger. So, what do we do in the meantime?
    Follow the principles you’ve heard time and time again thus far. Social distancing, proper hygiene, and a dash of common sense can go a long way to prevent further cases. We urge all the members of the Chamber to follow CDC regulations for prevention.
    Make sure you keep your loved ones, customers and business associates up to date with developments as they arise. Together, we are strong. Together, we can overcome this adversity.
    Check on that elderly neighbor. These people are most directly affected if they get infected by the virus. A kind word and just knowing someone cares can go a long way. When going to the store ask them if you can pick something up for them. Some are afraid to go out.
    Businesses in the area are not immune to the effects of the pandemic. If you can make any efforts to support your favorite coffee shop, or a local facility you frequent, please do so through online offers if they exist.
    Since we can’t go out for dinner, support a community restaurant by picking up takeout. Many have specials running and no touch delivery. Again, pick something up for that elderly neighbor.
    Then we will all have time to bond with family. With no sports on TV I looked over on the couch the other night and saw this woman sitting there. Turned out to be my wife. She seems nice.
    Oh yes, loosen up and never lose that sense of humor and we will all get through this.
    All the Best,
    Tony DiCiacce
    Gates Chili Chamber of Commerce