Business In the Spotlight




    Program Objectives

    1. Recognize businesses for:
      • Contributing to the economic vibrancy of the community
      • Community (charitable/social conscience) involvement
      • Special achievement
      • Unique approach/product or service offering
      • Success
        • Longevity
        • Growth
      • Job creation
      • New business


    Criteria for selection

    1. Gates or Chili location
    2. Business in good standing
      • Check Better Business Bureau
      • Interview town officials
      • Board review
    3. Fulfills program objectives
    4. Does not have to be a Chamber member



    1. March, June, September, December


    Nomination accepted by:

    1. board members via nomination form
    2. members via website or forms
    3. town officials
    4. committee members


    Process Summary

    1. Nominations received by committee chair
    2. Committee reviews nominations and chooses subset for research
    3. Researched companies discussed and two/three chosen for interviews
    4. Results of interviews reviewed by Committee and recipient selected
    5. Business contacted (invitation to program meeting)


    Award process

    1. Presentation at quarterly meetings
      • Company achievements presented and plaque awarded
    2. Post announcement on our website
    3. Pictures of presentation sent to local papers